SunX: The next generation in solar pool heating


A cheap and responsible heating method for your pool is a must and will lead to much more use and enjoyment for the whole family. A solar pool heating system can double your swim season, using free, renewable energy direct from the sun.

Helicol has a variety of options available for those looking to heat their pool. One of these options is the SunX Solar Pool Heating which is the next generation in solar pool heating. With SunX Solar, you can extend your swim season even further than before!

By extruding the collector tubes right inside a special glazing material SunX Solar significantly increases the performance of the solar collector. At the same time, the solar radiation refraction during the colder months is decreased. The result is more warmth in your pool when you need it most.

SunX collectors are manufactured from 100% UV stabilised polypropylene using a unique over-moulding process. During this process the headers and the individual tubes are moulded into one piece, eliminating hundreds of individual joins. The multiwall Glazing of a SunX collector, produces a greenhouse effect for each of these individual tubes.

This high standard of innovation, technology and manufacturing is backed up by Helicol’s 12 year warranty.
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