Maximise your space with sliding doors


Living spaces get smaller as more and more people want to move close to the cities. While many people associate small spaces with less comfort and the feeling of being boxed in, it certainly doesn’t need to be that way

Sliding and folding doors especially are a key focus area in small residential spaces. Instead of using standard hinged doors that take up space when you open them, sliding doors are a great way to get around this issue. Whether you want a glass door or heavy timber door, there are sliding solutions for pretty much any door weight and size. Häfele has its very own range of sliding mechanisms, SLIDO, in store but also work with key European suppliers like HAWA.

In small spaces it’s hard to differentiate sections. You might have a little laundry area in your kitchen, a desk and small office space attached to the kitchen, a small wardrobe space included in your bathroom. Friends come over and you want certain areas out of eyesight. We totally get it and offer Folding solutions that seamlessly hide spaces away behind closed doors. It’s an effective solution to transform your living space into rooms with different purposes. From home office to cooking space, never has it been quicker and easier to do a change of scene.

In Commercial buildings such as hotels, schools and universities, conference and exhibition centres the sliding and folding solutions are especially used to close up certain areas. Divide your conference room in two and open it up for large gatherings. Keep private celebrations behind closed doors by easily dividing dining areas.

While sliding doors are popular for full room length, they are also a modern solution to cabinet doors in the living area. Sliding doors are especially popular on sideboards and office storage units. They are not just handy but add a lot to the design aspect too!

At Häfele, we understand that such sliding mechanisms can be a tough gig and overwhelming. To find the right sliding and folding solution for your home or project, you can visit any of our showrooms or one of over 100 studio partners across Australia.

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