A home with unparalleled style

A home with unparalleled style


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Inspiration for this project came from the 1940s to 1960s, when clean, simple lines dominated.

The client of this relatively small but steep property wanted to maximise the surrounding views and went to extreme lengths to do it. Hiring a cherry picker to investigate the potential views available from differing levels on the property was the first step. The land measured 513 square metres, but the rise from street to rear being roughly five metres allowed Reitsma & Associates to be quite creative with the design and the shape of the home.

“The parcel of land had the ability to capture great views of the Pacific Ocean. It was our assessment that the further the structure was constructed towards the rear of the allotment, the better the views were going to be,” says Trevor Reitsma.

The council-imposed eight-metre maximum height limit steered the design of the home early on. It necessitated a split-level arrangement that followed through on all three levels, including the rooftop garden. “At the end of the day, this solution adds character to the home,” Reitsma comments.

The top level operates as the heart of the home. The living, dining and kitchen area was planned to overlook the pool and outdoor living zones. “My favourite element of the home is the elevated pool that’s positioned in a central void, linking all the living zones together,” says Reitsma. This same upper level also contains the master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, all of which have been stepped up slightly higher to give a commanding view over the pool.

Creating a home that had all the elements — practical, modern and uncluttered — was the basis for the brief. As young children were to be living in this home, a flat grassy play area was planned for the ground level. On this same level lies the foyer, garage, guest suite, laundry and bathroom.

At the southern end of the home, stairs lead up to the rooftop garden, where 180-degree coastal views have been maximised. Floor-to-ceiling glazing was used to also capture the ocean outlook, which in return gives the home a light, uplifting ambience, while large frameless glass bi-folding doors were included in the home’s design to offer shelter from adverse south-easterly winds and rain.

Every corner of this home was designed to be enjoyed, providing the homeowners and their guests with unparalleled style, spectacular views and open spaces. “The design is inspired by the clean simple lines of work penned in the 1940s-1960s by Richard Neutra, Elliot Noyes and Marcel Breuer,” says Reitsma. “The layouts were simplistic and uncluttered; the roof lines were flat and the glazing, extensive.”

Environmental considerations were also given to the home. “Single-depth living space and a central void allow for constant natural ventilation,” says Reitsma. The central north court allows natural light into both levels of the home, ensuring the use of artificial lighting is not required until the sun has disappeared.

“The look and feel of the home — both externally and internally — had to be modern and uncluttered,” says Reitsma.

Part of the client brief was to create a modern family home that could be used for entertaining, and the team at Reitsma & Associates went above and beyond to meet these expectations.

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