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The EB 333. An Icon, Reborn.

An aspiration of the private chef, and the professional chef at home, the EB oven has been a Gaggenau icon for over 30 years.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking Appliances

This oven is a 90 cm testament to the Gaggenau difference, its heritage and traditional avant-garde. Wildly individual, distinctive and iconic, it is the heart of the kitchen. This is a predominantly hand-built oven, in a world of the machine made appliances. The touch of highly skilled hands upon high quality materials imbues this oven with something akin to soul. Add to this an imposing design and unfailing performance, and you have all the elements of a classic.


CX482. Inspire yourself.

This 80 cm full surface induction cooktop offers perfection in modern design and function. With such an unlimited creative space, the home chef is given free reign to create a culinary masterpiece. Anyone familiar with a smartphone touch screen, will be please to find out the TFT touch display control offers scrolling power level regulation, as well as the usual timing information and available cooking functions.

Cooking Appliances


Vario refrigerators 400 series. Refresh, extend it.

The Vario refrigerators 400 series of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine climate is a fully integrated, built-in modular family, that offers timeless design and carries momentum and functionality. Combining design modularity with smooth, seamless integration, these sculpted appliances redefine the landscape of the functional kitchen.

When combined, this series forms an imposing cooling wall that integrates into the overall kitchen structure. An expanse of handleless doors with individual fronts and stainless steel or glass doors for wine climate cabinets can serve as a statement in any kitchen.

With inspiration taken from the oak barrels used to age wine, the Vario 400 wine climate cabinets see up to three independently controlled climate zones paired with telescopic rails, allowing the oak and dark anthracite aluminium bottle trays to fully extend for gentle handling after being perfectly temperate for ideal appreciation.

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