Apple has some big plans in store


Apple’s new headquarters is going to be huge – literally!

Just to follow up my blog on Apple’s new headquarters I’ve come across some interesting information on the diametre for the new spaceship/office.

One website has compared the diameter for the proposed headquarters to that of the Pentagon. After some calculations it came to the conclusion that the new headquarter’s diametre was roughly 1615 ft.

A circle circumscribed on the outside of a pentagon whose sides are 921 ft long has a radius of 783 ft. So a circle that would circumscribe the Pentagon has a diameter of 1,566 ft.

So if Apple’s headquarters turned into the flying saucer it so resembles, and happened to crash land on Pentagon, it would just slightly cover the building. Wow – that’s a lot of space!

Apple must have some big plans in store for the future. Although the designs have been released for the new headquarter’s architecture, we’re interested to see what exactly they’ll do with the massive space. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.