Artist in Profile: Gemma Lynch-Memory

Artist in Profile: Gemma Lynch-Memory
Artist in Profile: Gemma Lynch-Memory
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Early cave painters used their art to tell a tribal narrative; it served a purpose of both function and form. Contemporary art today allows its procurers to make confident, stylistic and distinctive statements that can be the perfect finishing touch to a home. Art reveals an insight into its owner that goes much further than just taste. People have always derived immense pleasure from simply being in the presence of the art and creativity of great artists.

Gemma Lynch-Memory began painting when she was a child. Her country upbringing contributes to the imagery and sense of honesty which can be seen in her work. In her art, uniquely Australian-flavoured landscapes are infused with the universal world of the abstract. By combining strong conceptual elements with layers of paint she creates rich textures, muted tones and an uncanny depth of space. Her abstract landscapes are at times conceptual, always earthy and capture full and natural colours, from cool marine blues to fiery reds and ochres. They encapsulate the sense of endless space, the heat, the isolation and the richness of our land. Her work ranges from detailed diminutive paper pieces to large expressive canvases.

Trevor Victor Harvey, director of TVH Gallery on Sydney’s North Shore, first exhibited Gemma’s work in 1996 and quickly realised her potential. Over the years, many TVH clients have not only had the enjoyment of having a ‘Gemma’ in their homes, but have seen the value of their pieces rise significantly. “Gemma’s series of exhibitions were launched (at TVH) in 1996 and created a following that has grown consistently,” said Trevor. “This placed a high demand on her work for a hungry market. Her prices have steadily risen as a result. As for the future, the potential for Gemma’s local and international market is very exciting. Gemma continues to create beautiful work and sell out shows across Australia so it won’t be long before the rest of the world hears about it. We already send quite a number of her paintings to overseas buyers.” Sydneysiders will have to wait until March 2006 for the next Gemma Lynch-Memory exhibition at TVH.

On August 19 in Perth, Gullotti Galleries will open Gemma’s next exhibition for 2005. In 2004, her first exhibition at Gullotti was a huge success. Paul Gullotti, director of the gallery, represents Gemma on the west coast and approached her after seeing her work at a Sydney Art Fair. “Presenting Gemma’s first solo exhibition in Western Australia was an exciting undertaking for us,” explained Paul. “Following the initial launch, the public response provided a statement in its own right. The originality and unique application of medium in the proportions in which Gemma works proved an irresistible combination.” As for the forthcoming August show, Paul says: “Gullotti Gallery and our clients are waiting with anticipation for the exhibition to arrive! Unpacking and hanging work of this quality creates a buzz of excitement prior to the opening.”

Libby Edwards, director of Libby Edwards Galleries, represents Gemma in both Melbourne and Brisbane. The long-awaited Melbourne exhibition will be from October 11-28, 2005. We asked Libby what first attracted her to Gemma’s work. “Texture firstly … I was overwhelmed by the artist’s use of impasto, her powerful use of stucco-like blocks of delicious colour. These are the perfect vehicle for her Australian landscapes where often outback shacks, fences, stockyards, seem humorously plonked in a temporary way on the timeless ancient land. Then I was impressed by her confident command of space, her swathes of luscious paint and the ability to capture light. Finally, there is a serenity about the work, a spiritual quality that is emphasised by the almost perfect balance of the works.”

It is impossible to convey the subtle tonal shades and fine detailed markings of any artwork via a reproduction, so a gallery visit is always well worth it. As our original feature stated, “The future holds boundless promise for an artist with so much raw talent, real artistic integrity and whose work contains such stark and arresting beauty.” With a growing list of Australian gallery representation, local and international interest, this young artist is certainly one to keep an eye on. Those who own a Gemma Lynch-Memory painting can be assured of an exciting investment proposition and, more importantly, a beautiful asset to their home.

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