BoConcept Danish Furniture Design Crows Nest

BoConcept officially launches in Crows Nest!


Last night I attended the launch party for BoConcept furniture in Crows Nest, Sydney. And I have to say what a fantastic night it was – these Danes make the best hosts. Not only was the store gorgeous, but the music, food and drinks were lovely, and the atmosphere was relaxed and so very stylish. Thanks again to those at BoConcept for a brilliant party.

It was particularly exciting as this isn’t just a store launch – it is the launch of BoConcept in Australia. After 60 years of brilliant furniture design in Denmark (and spreading around the globe) they have finally graced our shores. And seeing the products in reality was an utter pleasure.

The set up of the store is particularly clever, in that as you walk through you encounter different styles and shapes of dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and all the bits and bobs along the way. It makes you feel like you’re in a very stylish, very co-ordinated home, rather than a furniture store.

It was really very hard picking favourites, but I couldn’t find anything that beat the couch that originally caught my eye (Back in my first post about BoConcept) – the peacock coloured customisable couch.

Not only is it as beautiful and vibrant in reality as it is in the images, but it’s very very comfortable – spent a lot of the night resting on that couch. In my photo it’s a bit yellow-y but that’s due to the store spotlights (it is very teal in real life).

What I find really fantastic through about BoConcept is their attitude to furniture; it ought to be customisable and suited to your home (as opposed to changing the home for the furniture). This is seen with their design corner of the store; trained interior designers assist you at computers, and help visualise how your home will look with a BoConcept addition (and what customisable options suit you best). This is a perfect idea and I love it already.

The little surprises and additions in the furniture at BoConcept really make the design unique and playful. This includes in my last post about the coffee table which opens up; a lot of their furniture has these functional features, even in the wall cabinets or the sofas. See the chairs below – chairs double as storage space. It’s very clever how they create furniture which is accessible for a space-limited apartment, or a terrible hoarder (like myself).

Now my guilty pleasure is homewares and decor items; having worked in manchester as a visual merchandiser, I suffer a terrible addiction to “dust collectors”.

And the homewares at BoConcept are worthy of this affliction; they are very cute, trendy and interesting  and come a full range for all sorts of people. There are elegant vases and candle holders, clever bookends, and even neon plastic bicycles.
The canvases of art they had spread throughout the store added also to the gorgeous style of the place; these were all fresh and vibrant or sombre and moody.
There is not a dull moment with these decorator items – they all seem to be designed with the same passion and flair as all of the furniture.

I feel also that the attitudes of BoConcept appeal very strongly to the Australian culture; there is a wonderful emphasis on the furniture not being arrogant, that Danish design does not need to be simply for Danes, that Luxury should be affordable, in comfortable beautiful furniture, and constantly learning from their experience. They have the full set of beliefs on their website, but I think it’s a great sentiment, and the best thing is that it shows in the furniture, in the staff, and in the store. It’s extremely refreshing when you walk into a beautiful and unpretentious furniture store, with friendly and relaxed staff.

Overall, it was a lovely night and brilliant party thrown by the team at BoConcept furniture Sydney. I love their store and this is definitely not the last time I’ll be there.

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