Colour schemes

A colourful prediction

A revamped colour forecasting initiative envisages a bright new year

Trying to pick next year’s “it” colours is not the easiest of jobs. However, the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) has just released its forecast for the top colour trends for 2012 through its Colourways scheme. Having just received a re-design, Colourways is now steered by two new managers, Sydney-based Lucy Sutherland and Melbourne-based Kim Chadwick.

Assisting the design industry since 1992, Colourways is a forecasting workshop where members can mingle and discuss emerging themes, issues, technology and colour styles. The findings are launched as a forecast.
For 2012, the three trends likely to make waves in the industry are Gilt Trip, Authentic Imitation and Saturation Coverage. “I love Gilt Trip and am planning on introducing some of those colours into my home,” says Lucy. “When we are putting together these trends, we always have favourites.”

Combining the rich shades of gold and lemon, Gilt Trip has an energetic and luscious feel to it. Authentic Imitation turns the tables on textures and tones. Wallpaper is wood, paint is concrete and laminate is fabric. “As technology develops we are gaining the ability to mimic nature very closely, with unexpected products,” says Lucy. “Timber-look finishes are now being reproduced in laminate, vinyl and wallpaper; concrete is being reproduced as paint, wall coverings, ceramics and tiles.”
Saturation Coverage is a burst of life. Colours are full and used recklessly to add that extra impact to any space. “I think that Saturation Coverage is a response to so much grey over the past few years,” explains Lucy. “We want to have fun with colour and be more free-spirited in how we use it. These bold, clear and fun colours are a refreshing change to neutrals.”

Top 2012 trends


Colour schemes


Colours: Lemon Spritz, Old Gold, Lemon, Mustard
Textures: Cellular Patterned Ceramics, Vintage Poplin, Layered Golds, Honeycomb

Colour schemes


Colours: Greige, Silver Gum, White Oak, Walnut
Finishes: Unfinished, Raw, Exposed, Authentic, Linen, Concrete Shale

Colour schemes


Colour: Orange, Vibrant Green, Process Yellow, Raspberry Leaf, Bright Lady Pink, Hyper Lime, Lavender Blush
Finishes: Random Weaves, Harlequin Stripes, Hyper Colour, Fake, Random, Overload, Crazy, Experimental

Colour schemes