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Davey — the experts in water
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Why choose the new Davey Premium Solar Pool Heating System?

  the experts in water

Free heat from the sun

Davey’s new Premium Pool Heating System captures the free heat generated by the sun and transfers it into your pool water at virtually no cost. In addition, the unique design of the new absorber system helps maximise the latent heat transfer from your roof, substantially improving the overall heat gain achieved in your pool. The installation of a Davey Premium Solar Pool Heating System means you can extend your swim season and enjoyment throughout the year.

Regardless of where your pool is located, there will always be a significant difference in your pool water temperature, even in the middle of summer. Those extra few degrees provided by solar heating can have a big effect. Your swimming pool is a major investment so you deserve to enjoy it more, for longer. This can all be achieved with the installation of a Davey Premium Solar Pool Heating System.

Kit numbers:

B3P-20, B3P-28, B3P-40, B3P-50 and B3P-65


the experts in water

SolarMatic Digital Solar Controller

The addition of a Davey SolarMatic Controller provides for:

For a Davey Premium Pool Solar Heating System, or Davey Customised Solar Pool Heating System, contact Davey on 1300 232 839.


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Davey Water Products

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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 44

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