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Decking Dos and Don’ts


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Spring is the perfect time to get your deck into peak condition for the sunny days and barmy nights of the warmer summer months. It’s important that decks are well cared for throughout the year for visual appeal and practicality but there are many misconceptions around how best to maintain timber decks.  With this expert advice from Tim Orbell of Sikkens Australia, you will have the deck for your outdoor living and entertaining looking as good as the summer sun feels.

Tannin Treatment

Tannins are chemicals produced by plants that need to be extracted from new or un-seasoned hardwood before coating. They appear as brown stains and are often mistaken for timber coating that has been washed off by rain. Discolouration, staining and early breakdown of the applied coating will result from coating unseasoned timber.

Tannins are naturally extracted by leaving timber to weather for up to six months but can be completed in a single day with Sikkens Cetol BL Tannin and Oil remover.

The perfect stain

Timber is a natural product that varies in colour and grain making it difficult to predict the finished product of your decking.

To be sure of a desirable result, try before you buy using the ten ready mixed shades of Sikkens Sample Pots to test stains on an inconspicuous area of decking.

Deck Cleaning

Dirty and Grimy decks don’t allow new coatings to properly penetrate and adhere to timber and appear grey and dull in colour.

For lasting protection and an improved visual finish, rejuvenate old decking by thoroughly cleaning with Sikkens Cetol BL Deck & Wood Cleaner.

Deck Re-Coating

Peeling, flaking, discolouration, mould growth or greying timber are signs that a deck  needs re-coating. Before you re-coat, remember that decks in really bad condition may need stripping back and sanding and that mould or mildew must be treated properly otherwise they will continue to grow.

Put your best deck forward this summer and visit any major hardware or independent paint store for Sikkens products. Visit Sikkens Australia on for more decking information.


Words: Georgina Owen