Design-it-yourself vanity table by David Graas

Design-It-Yourself Furniture

Following how-to instructions in a DIY furniture kit can often be a frustrating, if not infuriating experience (especially when they forget to include piece 2C in the box).

If you’re a little more creative minded and believe that furniture construction should really be an enjoyable exercise, I would recommend the ‘Everything But The Manual’ furniture kit by Dutch designer, 
David Graas.

This modular system comes as a cube comprised of 177 identical oak building blocks that can be screwed together to make absolutely anything –  challenging you to create and build your own designs, without the use of a manual.

David Graas illustrates some of the items he has made from the kit, including a dressing table, a lamp and a cuckoo clock, but no copying – there’s no instructions for these, it’s just inspiration for the millions of possible designs one can create.


So, once you no longer need that dressing table, it becomes a bench seat, and you can make it exactly how you like. Without how-to instructions, the design is entirely in your hands and for grown-up meccano lovers, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon.