Diamond Collection

Diamond Collection
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The new collection originates from the union of the crystal art formed in the Austrian Alps with the 50 years’ long passion and competence of Antolini in the research and advancement for the natural stone. It is a balanced combination accomplished through the magic and force of nature — crystal and natural stone amalgamate to create an exclusive, elegant and refined material.


Ten unique and precious natural stones, selected from the most valuable in the world, are Antolini’s choice to create the new ‘jewel’ of stone and crystal, giving charming effects of light to illuminate and refine every environment. The stones include Fantastic Onyx, Emerald Quartzite, Cloud Onyx Extra, Blue Green Labradorite, Irish Green, Amani Grey, Chocolate Brown, Amani Bronze, Black Cosmic and Azul Imperiale.

For more information, contact Antolini Luigi & C by visiting www.antolini.it

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