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A long lasting synthetic grass with an appealing matt finish

At Xtreme Turf, they know that not all synthetic grass products are made equal. Some products have a glossy, non-natural look and the feel of plastic — but not Xtreme Turf products, which have an authentic matt finish and are soft to the touch.

Xtreme Turf is built to last, offering the kind of durability that only a product with triple backing can provide. The backing is the most critical component as it holds the synthetic grass together, but some products have a flimsy backing with no more strength than a piece of cardboard. If a synthetic grass product only has two backing layers, let alone one, it can dramatically reduce the longevity of the product — and reduce the return on your investment. This is why it is essential to check the backing of any synthetic grass before you buy.

Xtreme Turf has 24 different “grasses” in their range, each with a different look and application. Grasses include the Premier, which is a lush copy of tall fescue grass, and the Tropical 45, which is a dense grass with a built in “root zone” to make it softer underfoot.

When the business began, it specialised in artificial turf for sports fields. They then branched out, drawing on their expertise in quality sports surfaces to develop a world-class landscaping range.

Their Premier L-55 landscaping grass, for example, meets the highest sports’ lab testing requirements in the world. Widely used for premium quality soccer fields around the world, this grass is capable of handling the punishment meted out by the pounding of footy boots year after year so it is well able to handle whatever the average Australian family can dish out.

Xtreme Turf can tailor a total solution to your synthetic grass requirements, starting with a free measure and quote. Xtreme Turf also supplies a do-it-yourself option, complete with all the required materials and easy to follow instructions.

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