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Fruit Power Freeda


Home Gardening

Hi everyone, I’m Flower Power Freeda and I’m going to teach you everything about growing flowers and how to make a beautiful and colourful garden. I’m going to tell you what flowers are in season, how to grow them and how to look after them so you can enjoy beautiful colours every part of the year. Flowers are important to grow not only because we love to look at them and because they smell beautiful, but they are very important for nature, too. There are many animals in this world that need flowers to survive. The bees help to make luscious honey and the birds love the nectar, too. Many flowers, such as tea-tree, are also used for their natural healing properties. People have learnt to use these plants to help make others better when they get sick or hurt themselves.

Flowers are very important to all of us, so next time you plant your vegetables, make sure you put in some pretty flowers to attract the bees, too. The bees will help set the fruit on the vegetables by pollinating it and flowers will make the garden look beautiful. Some are even OK to eat in salads, but make sure you know what they are before you try eating any!

Freeda’s tips
1. When picking flowers from the garden, always cut them early in the morning so they are still fresh and moist and the hot sun hasn’t dried them out too much.
2. Prune your plants back as soon as the flowers have finished. This will help the plant produce more flowers quickly before their season finishes.
3. Plant lots of different varieties in the garden so you have flowers blooming in every season, not just spring and summer.

Did you know?
Every tree produces a flower. Some have big, beautiful flowers and some are so small you can’t even see them.
2. Flowers are the way plants make seeds for new baby plants to grow.
3. Before every fruit or vegetable, there is a flower produced on the plant.
4. As with humans and animals, there are male flowers and female flowers.