Furniture & Furnishings - Let The Fun Begin (Part I)

Furniture & Furnishings – Let The Fun Begin (Part I)


Furniture and Furnishings - Let The Fun Begin (Part II)

ISSUE 13.5

Furnishing and decorating should be the fun part of creating a new home. Let us take you on a journey of discovery to find the most innovative and beautiful furnishings for your own grand design – Compiled by Kate St James 

Determining the look you want in your home is probably the most difficult aspect of any decorating scheme. Which way to go is an entirely personal choice although the style of your home may direct you to use modern, classic or contemporary styling, or any other genre you care to name.

The first place to start is with the background of your scheme — the floors and walls. Once you have these materials and finishes in place, the canvas is yours to paint. Which flooring to use should be your initial question. Timber is one of the most versatile floor coverings that works with every decorating style. Available in a variety of hues and tones, timber is an excellent choice. Tiles, cork, bamboo, vinyl, concrete, stone and marble are also suitable flooring materials, which can be used alone or combined with area carpets or rugs. Hard floors can be cold in the cooler months so underfloor insulation or heating should be considered before you lay your floor. Carpets and rugs add the decorative touch with warmth and softness, especially in bedrooms and formal living rooms, and there are designs and colours to suit every style, traditional through to modern. And don’t forget custom-making, to really emphasise your personal statement.

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” — Pablo Picasso

Neutral colours for your decorating canvas are probably the most popular, however neutrals now tend to be darker than in previous years, adding a new depth and richness. Colours such as Stonehenge, Heirloom and Perfect Taupe from Resene and Finishing Touch, Hog Bristle and Flooded Gum from Dulux are flexible tones which will work alongside other hues in the colour palette. But don’t be afraid to express yourself with colour, even if you stay with lighter shades initially until your confidence develops.

Blues can provide a tranquil, serene feeling and sense of space. Blues are calming and help us think of our environment. Blues are easy to live with and scheme well with many other colours, including white, yellow, green and neutrals.

Reds can create a warm, passionate feeling with a hint of excitement and are renowned as shades of strength and power. Red works wonders as a dramatic entrance colour or in a formal or contemporary dining or living area.

Green Relaxing and restful to the eye, greens create a cool, fresh and calm atmosphere. Greens come in many shades and can be found in lime, mint, citrus, olive or teal. They can be used in any space inside or outside the home.

Whites and neutrals are ideal for creating a clean, classical backdrop and will allow you to add a splash of your favourite colour to any space. You have options of cooler or warmer whites and neutrals, such as greys, beiges, tans, creams and coffees.

Browns are associated with the earth so they portray a sense of stability, security and reliability. They create a sense of nature and tranquillity. There are many shades of brown with subtle, changing undertones. Have a look at stones, beiges, tans, chocolates and mocha shades for your decorating project.