Granicreteâ??s Versatile Eurostone Systems

Granicreteâ??s Versatile Eurostone Systems


With many years of experience in the decorative surfacing industry, Granicrete Australia prides itself on the expertise and ability to provide a unique restoration system for almost all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Granicrete has extensive experience in:
* Decorative cemtitious overlays
* Epoxy flooring
*Stained concrete
* Custom benchtops
* Showers
* Garage floors
*& BBQ areas
* Retaining walls
* Self-levelling
* Waterproofing
* Re-sealing and much more

With Granicrete’s superb products and their creativity, they are able to offer endless possibilities. There is ample opportunity for creativity in resurfacing projects and the goal is to create the finest design by tailoring solutions to meet the needs of their individual clients.

Working with highly specialised lightweight concrete and acrylic cements that have been professionally created and engineered, Granicrete’s products are unique, and unlike granite or tiles there are few limitations. In addition, Granicrete has an extensive selection of colorants not previously available in Australia.

As a company, Granicrete is dedicated to excellence in design and service and can ensure they provide the best knowledge, skills, reliability and performance for their clients. Their customer service offers you one-on-one service, to help you create the most beautiful and unique surfaces for your home.

Tel: (03) 9434 3986