I love this Chairik chair designed by Erik Magnussen from Engelbrechts in Denmark with illustrations by the artist HuskMitNavn. The figures on the Chairik chairs seat and backrests “look like they’re afraid of people sitting on them: their eyes look a little nervous. And the figures on the other side of the chairs they look around attentively as if to say: who’s coming? Anyone who might sit on me?”

HuskMitNavn is well known as an artist, having made a name for himself around the world with his controversial and humorous street art. His characteristic figures and social commentary can be seen around the world in the form of graffiti, t-shirts and illustrations in magazines and newspapers. He´s paintings are represented by Alice Gallery in Brussels, Gallery V1 in Copenhagen and the LaViolaBank Gallery New York.

HuskMitNavn has created four different designs for the chairs produced by the Danish furniture manufacturer. They All include both male and female figures. Two models have a woman on the outside of the chair and a man on the inside; the other two models have a man on the outside and a woman on the inside.

“It’s easy to see that HuskMitNavn has created the designs using some of his favourite materials: felt-tip pen, chalk and pasteboard.” Said a representative of Engelbrechs. “The illustrations are protected by the strong, silky, matte, melamine surface that is typical of Chairik chairs. The Chairik chairs themselves were designed by Erik Magnussen and sell in five-figure numbers each year.

The chairs are available in a limited range that is only being produced until 31 December 2009. They are sold individually or in sets of four. In Australia they are available from Corporate Culture.
Posted by Kate St James