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The previous poorly designed kitchen with blank panels and wasted space that greeted designer Michele Galvin and the team at The Kitchen Catalyst doesn’t come close to the new, elegant kitchen that now stands in its place. Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was drab and, with slate floors, no island and low drawers, it offered little in the style or practicality departments. So when the clients briefed Michele Galvin, they specified that they wanted the new kitchen to have a classic look while being cleverly designed for effective, practical use by the family. The resulting kitchen has loads of good looks and intelligence behind the beauty. Attention to detail in this creation is spoton; the once-dull slate floors were replaced with Italian ceramic tiles, which add lovely warmth to the room that brightens the atmosphere.

The island in the kitchen has created a meeting place where the family can gather while meals are being prepared. The design has turned the kitchen into the heart of the home, a warm, homely place which has become a hub for family gatherings and entertaining friends. Adding bench space completely transformed the kitchen, creating the illusion that the area is much larger than it is and also allowing for that much-needed meal preparation space. The streamlined wall with spacious pantry and integrated fridge and freezer is a clever use of space and adds elegance to the design. Incorporating stylish lighting to this kitchen was essential. Overhead bench lighting was introduced and LEDs were fitted into the cabinetry, making a simple kitchen a stylish one.

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