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International Gem


Designer Roberto Malerba gives a personalised, Italian twist to his collections for Sovereign Interiors

With a passion for quality and design excellence, Sovereign Interiors was appointed by Roberto Malerba in 2007 as the exclusive distributor in Australia of his beautiful furniture collections, direct from the shores of Italy. This motivated designer was introduced to the furniture industry from a young age and so the progression to furniture designer wasa natural one.

“My family was already involved in the furniture industry and I think it became a natural thing for me,” says Roberto. “By visiting fairs and travelling around the world I built up a personal taste and style and I decided I wanted to put this into my furniture.” Roberto’s designs are decidedly stylish and he describes them as clean, linear, simple and charming.

“My furniture can’t be put under only one label because it can satisfy both classical and modern taste without losing its unique style and charm,” he adds.

At Sovereign Interiors Roberto’s various collections continue to sell better than ever, with best-sellers including the Love Letters, One & Only and Solitaire collections. While the collections may differ when it comes to style, they are always recognisable and unique to his brand.

“I prefer clean lines, high-gloss finishes — both veneer and lacquer — because those finishes give a lighter and more stylish atmosphere,” says Roberto.

The Solitaire collection is a fine example of the way Roberto continues to move up the ladder of design and quality with his designs, as it reconfirms his style, charm and innovation. The inspirations for his collections are countless. “Inspiration comes from everything, starting from revisiting nature, architecture and travels,” explains Roberto. “It’s all those things, mixed up with a little bit of innovation, personal taste and elegance.”

Proud of his design achievements, Roberto is particularly pleased with the One & Only collection and the way it increased his popularity and success in the worldwide market. Despite this success, Roberto still maintains that the design he loves most is “the next one … always”!

“I love studying new combinations, searching for new finishes and combining everything in the best way,” says Roberto. “This is the engine that moves me on.”

Looking to the future, Roberto predicts that linearity and practicality will be at the forefront of furniture design, along with the enduring elements of quality, elegance and style. Roberto believes design should be elegant in the easiest way and as for his philosophy of life itself, he keeps it frank: “Cut off useless things and focus on what you love most.”

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