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Janette Camuglia
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“I would describe my style as modern classic,” says interior designer Janette Camuglia of Classic Interiors. “It’s a classic style with a modern edge. I am inspired by many styles such as the tailored look of Ralph Lauren; Versace, which is over the top and classic, but I also love Designers Guild with its rich mix of patterns and colours.”

Born in Innisfail, North Queensland, Janette started in the interior design industry 30 years ago, working for Deanne Derrington of Northern Interiors in Cairns, where she undertook an apprenticeship at age 24. From there, she moved on to a position at James Penny Interiors in Brisbane. “Deanne and James were my earlier mentors,” Janette says. Janette started her own company from a studio in Milton more than 20 years ago, working for builders and creating interiors for display homes. Now she undertakes private commissions only, from referrals by satisfied clients. Travelling the world to obtain inspiration for her work and ideas for her clients’ homes, Janette said “I travel for inspiration — such as to Milan and Europe.

I’ve just been to Europe to visit stores in Paris and to look for antiques,” she says. “Design at present is contemporary but flowing back to the classic French style, away from the hard-edged contemporary look. “Finding the right ideas and products for each client is my priority. Getting to know them and getting a feeling for how they like to live is paramount; they are the ones who have to live with the design long after I’ve left so it’s essential they are totally happy with it. Not only do I help people improve their quality of life, I also help them to improve the value of their property, which I find very satisfying. “I like to think that my designs have a timeless appeal rather than being a passing trend. With careful thought and imagination any home can be transformed into a stylish and comfortable environment, reflecting the owners’ personality and lifestyle.” When it comes to current trends, Janette claims anything goes. “Just like fashion — whether it’s a miniskirt or a long skirt — it can all be fashionable. In interior design at the moment there are underlying tones of contemporary, but it’s all in — you don’t have to be fixed on just one look.”

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