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“My mother is an interior designer and from the time I was a small child I was surrounded by fabric swatches, paint charts and concept boards, which all seemed very intriguing,” recalls Claudia Graham, general manager of Lloyd Loom & Classics.

“The ‘70s and ‘80s design concepts were indeed bold and very daring.” Lloyd Loom & Classics has imported Lloyd Loom for the past 10 years, with the retail arm operating for the past six. Over the years it has continued to expand its range based on the needs of the Australian market. “Australia has a harsh climate and we needed to provide a product that could take on the extreme UV as well as climate conditions from the ocean to the mountains,” says Claudia. “So we launched our All Weather Loom in 2005 — same classic lines (as Original British Loom) but able to be utilised in any application.”

With a focus on customer service, Claudia believes in listening to what clients want and although the Lloyd Loom & Classics team regularly attend trade fairs to see the best Europe has to offer, she maintains that “we get our best ideas from our clients”. Client needs, therefore, make passing trends redundant. “Sure, we have some stunning design pieces in our showrooms, but whether these pieces realistically work in an active family home is another thing altogether,” says Claudia. “When we design a new piece it is because we can see a long-term trend and whatever piece it is, it will be in production for a very long time. Although available colours may change with time, the design remains a constant.” It is this timeless quality and the history of Lloyd Loom that have Claudia feeling like her job is more of a hobby than work. “I love talking to people who remember seeing pieces in their grandparents’ homes when they were growing up … it is a product that brings with it a kind of reminiscence and familiarity with people.”

One of Claudia’s most memorable experiences with the company was the recent launch of the Loom + Leather range, which had been in the making for five years. “We brought two major specialist manufacturers together with our design team in Germany to come up with a product range that would bring Lloyd Loom into your lounge room,” explains Claudia. “Loom + Leather takes the concept of leather lounging to new heights, introducing loom accents on arms and panels while still providing the best in Italian leather lounging.” Lloyd Loom as a brand has been around since 1917 and Claudia is proud of the innovations that help the brand stand the test of time. Her philosophies on design and life clearly reflect the values upheld by Lloyd Loom & Classics. “I believe there is always a place for the past in the present. Everything we design has already stood the test of time but has a contemporary twist. Production may have improved and new innovative raw materials made, but the designs will not date!”

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