Noise Proofing Your Home

Noise Proofing Your Home



The importance of a good night’s sleep

A bad night’s sleep can adversely affect people’s behaviour, performance and general health. Both mental and physical health is diminished when sleep is affected . Ensuring your home is ‘noise proof’ is one of the keys to a great night’s sleep and improved well being.

The EnHealth Council of Australia released a report discussing findings of sleep disturbance and how these disturbances affect people. The report shows that lack of sleep can reduce cognitive function, affect physiology, behaviour, memory, learning and speech. The evidence suggests that diminished sleep can lead to more serious health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and mental illness .

The EnHealth Council’s recommendations for noise reduction interventions are as follows:

· Introduction of noise barriers and insulation;
· Reduction of noise at source;
· A commitment to maintain and develop quiet places; and
· Public education about noise sources.

Gyprock Soundchek™ is Australia’s first acoustic plasterboard, designed to eliminate or reduce the transfer of unwanted noise through walls and ceilings. Its super high density construction and sound dampening characteristics means that it can cut noise between rooms significantly and ensure home owners of a good night’s sleep. Gyprock Soundchek™ wall and ceiling systems are available in two levels: level one which offers up to 50 per cent sound reduction and level two which offers up to 75 per cent sound reduction.

”Gyprock has been aware of the adverse effects of sleep deprivation and has developed Soundchek as a way to combat this problem,” says Geoff Stewart, Marketing Manager, CSR Gyprock.

Further to this, recent research from the Access Economics report ‘Wake Up Australia: The Value of Healthy Sleep’ shows that sleep disorders are costing Australians over $10 billion annually, therefore the importance of gaining a good night’s sleep has never been clearer. Sleep disorders can affect mood, increase susceptibility to mental illness and increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Diminished sleep can also affect performance in the workplace and children’s learning capabilities in school.

By installing products such as Gyprock Soundchek into your home, the noise reduction between rooms as well as unwanted outside noise is substantial, allowing a good night’s sleep and therefore improved performance and health.

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