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Turf Australia reveals what you need to know about the grass in your garden

1. Just five square metres of turf produces enough oxygen for one person for a day, with the average yard capturing carbon and producing enough oxygen for a family of four each day.
2. Turf has the cooling effect of nine tonnes of airconditioning, an impressive figure when you consider the average home airconditioner has a three- to four-tonne capacity while increasing carbon dioxide emissions.
3. The temperature on a green lawn in midsummer is: 100ºC less than bare soil, 200ºC less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 400ºC less than synthetic turf. Turf also provides a greater cooling effect than trees and can achieve the same as an open-water pool or lake but is 40 per cent less wasteful in water evaporation.
4. Turf can be laid at any time of the year, however winter and cooler weather is best as less water is required.
5. Turf has been found to help in the protection of homes from bushfires and reduces the incidence of pests and dangerous animals such as rats and snakes.
6. Turf has several significant environmental properties. It acts as a natural sink for carbon dioxide, cools the surrounding environment, replenishes soil and improves its quality.
7. Mature turf uses less water than mature trees and shrubs.
8. There are five key species of turf grown in Australia: Buffalo, Carpet Grass, Couch, Kikuyu and Tall Fescue. Each has different colours, blade thicknesses and climate preferences.
9. Turf is quick to install and simple to care for. A well-maintained lawn should require little to no weeding. 10. Australia produces around 6500 hectares of turf per year.

For more information, go to the Turf Australia website,

Italian -inspired
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