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Personalising your office – a simple guide.


Having the perfect office is incredibly personal and should match who you are and how you want to portray yourself to your fellow colleagues, or even any future and current clients. Just because it needs to fit your personal taste and demeanor doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be rules to follow in order to achieve this. David Flack of Flack Studios, one of Australia’s most highly regarded interior designers, has teamed up with Office Works and produced an easy-to-follow 10 step guide that helps motivate anyone that’s wanting to create and love the space they’re in.

1. Select furniture to represent your brand. You have a particular personality, portray this personality proudly and own it. Do it by putting on display of what YOU enjoy.


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2. Cohesian. Make sure everything you want to put in your office makes sense. From where your pencils and pens are located on your desk to the placement of your filing cabinet – having this flow leaves your space less cluttered and your mind at ease whenever you need something.

3. Always consider texture. Select practical finishes. Having different textures keeps the space interesting and inviting.

4. Lighting makes a big impact. Sometimes you won’t always be gifted with a window to create natural light so making sure the light in your office is balanced to create ambience – nothing worse than an overload on the senses when walking into someone’s office.


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5. Keep it simple. Having a selection of different styles in your space can often make it feel cluttered. Keep the ideas to a minimum and make sure you pick the best one.

6. Look at beautiful things. If there’s something that can be displayed which is very personal to you then do it. A photograph or painting that is striking as soon as you look it is like the cherry on top to making that office, your office.

7. It’s all in the detail. Small and intricate detail gives the space a sense of sophistication and warmth. A small pot plant or sculpture adds copious amounts of personality.


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8. Break-out spaces. A different social area or adding a small chair or couch away from your desk can often invigorate the mind and body so as soon as you’re ready to get back to work you are enveloped with a feeling of being rejuvenated.

9. Keep business branding to a minimum. You know your place of work; your clients know who you are and why they’re there, so having any added business signs is not needed. A few business cards at the front is all you need.


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10. Music can make all the difference. This completely depends on your workplace and who you’re around, but if you’re able to listen to music that motivates and inspires you then do it.


Images: Flack Studio  and Office Works (www.officeworks.com.au).

Words: Simeon Barut