Redefining Roofing

Redefining Roofing

Nu-Lokâ??s revolutionary roofing system is making ceramic slate an affordable option for all home renovators.

The growing popularity of ceramic slates in Australia can be attributed to their extraordinary resistance to the elements, as well as their practicality and elegance.

Acclaimed throughout the building industry, the Nu-Lok Roofing System allows home-owners access to the highly sought after slate roofs — without the prohibitive costs. The Nu-Lok Roofing System replaces traditional wooden battens with Zincalume metal battens. Fitted vertically between these battens are Nu-Lok’s Link Channels (also produced from Zincalume and coated with PVF2 marine-based coating), which contain a clip to “lock” the tile into place. The Nu-Lok Ceramic Slate tiles are made of vitrified ceramic stone, completely immune to attack from weather, moss and algae. The combination of the Zincalume Metal Battens, the Link Channels and the Ceramic Slate Tiles is a roof unsurpassed in durability, quality and style.

Winner of the acclaimed Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Products in Geneva, Switzerland, Nu-Lok Roofing Systems is fast becoming the number one choice for discerning home-owners, builders and architects.

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