Self taught innovator

Self taught innovator
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Stefano Bigi isn’t your conventional designer. Prior to working in the design industry, he was employed as a web designer in an industrial group and being able to physically see the work of the industrial designers of the ‘90s, such as Starck, was nothing but a dream.

Everything changed when he decided to swap the Eiffel Tower for the Leaning Tower of Pisa and realise his designer dreams in Italy. His design philosophy was inspired by Peter Drucker, who said, “The best way of predicting the future is to create it.” Stefano says: “I like this idea and try to do it every day in my work.” Since 2005, Stefano’s studio, Hell Design, has seen great success and he refuses to be pinned down to one design style. “I don’t want to be classified according a particular style. I always try to be a fresh designer with fresh ideas,” he says. “I love all colours but particularly brown, white and orange colours, too.

Regarding the materials, I work to support the industry of leather, wood and steel because projects realised with these materials are always really beautiful and elegant.” Stefano believes sustainability is not a trend idea but a real necessity. On keeping his own pieces environmentally friendly, he says, “It’s a very important point in the conception process of design projects. In fact, I take care with my clients to consider the impact of waste during the production process as well as the recycling at the end of the life of my products.”

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