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Tailored Construction knows how to optimise storage space without minimising modern kitchen style.

The main design considerations for the kitchen were to have large, practical work areas without hampering the overall style aesthetic. A kitchen that would suit entertaining was also an important element of the design brief. This was achieved by making the open kitchen easily accessible from the living space while distinguishing the kitchen area from the living room with additions of stainless steel. The barstools placed under the generous workbench provide a social element to the kitchen, allowing the space to be both functional and entertaining.

Briefed by the owner to give the kitchen a modern look with an abundance of practical storage space, Tailored Construction optimised a sleek and polished look by defining the area with strong lines and ample hidden storage facilities for minimal kitchen clutter. The range of storage cabinets does not interfere with the style of the kitchen, but rather subtly works with the overall environment.

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