Stay warm this winter with the Hergom family


For over 50-years, Hergóm has been producing efficient, sustainable and technically advanced fireplaces and cookers from a state-of-the-art foundry in Santander Spain

Casting in their own foundry, Hergóm carries out and guarantees the full production, including design, castings and the finished product. In the production process, Hergóm uses selected material and components to guarantee optimal durability, reliability and performance.


Glance and E-40 – Efficient and sustainable fireplaces

He Salon Glance L Amb

E 40

0215(hergom Glance L 0001 A)

  • Clean burning wood fires providing maximum heat with minimal emissions
  • Award winning design with simple clean lines
  • White cast iron liners in the E40
  • Contemporary fires on legs


PASII Cooker and Hergom Cares  

He Cocina Pas Ii Amb

Hergom Pas Ii Cooker

The Hergóm cookers are a perfect centre piece for any kitchen. With a glossy black porcelain enamel finish, and cast-iron front, the Hergóm CARES and PAS II are a sleek and modern alternative to the traditional wood oven:

  • High capacity Stainless Steel Oven
  • Double combustion system allowing for a cleaner and more efficient burn
  • Removeable Ash Pan, ensures a clean and convenient disposal of ashes
  • Ceramic glass cook top which is also liftable to allow cooking on a large cast iron hotplate and to double as a splash back [Cares model only].
  • Warming Drawer [Cares model only].

Hergom Laredo Oven


Made of steel the Hergóm Laredo features a large capacity stainless steel oven with a cast-iron grill and refractory brick base.

Creating the perfect atmosphere, the base of the oven can be used be barbecuing or to warm up your room with its exceptional combustion system, while the top oven is perfect for baking or roasting

  • High capacity Stainless Steel Oven
  • Steel door
  • Removeable Grill fixtures to make cleaning easier
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Adjustable combustion through the primary air valve.

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