Strange Brew

Strange Brew



Sunbeam Café Aromatic
Not only will this excellent espresso machine make a fantastic coffee but it will also remember your favourite settings, taking the guesswork out of making delicious coffee. This semi-automatic appliance features simple push-button operation and comes with instructions to make a range of impressive café-style coffees.

DeLonghi Rapid Cappuccino Magnifica
Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the Rapid Cappuccino Magnifica creates café-quality espressos and cappuccinos as fast as any professional machine. Fully automatic, the unit incorporates a double boiler system and DeLonghi’s exclusive Compact Reliable Fresh technology to deliver the freshest coffee at the optimum temperature. The patented Cappuccino System delivers a rich, creamy froth.

DeLonghi Metropolis 1385 Café Retro
Go retro with this colourful addition to your home. If you are looking for an espresso machine with a bit of personality, the Metropolis 1385 Café Retro, available in five stunning new colours, is for you. Much more than just a great-looking coffee machine, the unit is guaranteed to deliver great-tasting authentic Italian espresso every time.

Quick Mill Andreja Espresso Machine
New and experienced baristas will love the Andreja Espresso Machine. Functional, reliable and stylish, the unit is designed to be your professional assistant in the kitchen. Built from stainless steel, the Andreja features premium quality commercial-grade steam and hot water valves, a built-in heat exchanger that allows you to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously and a cup-warming tray.

Miele CVA 2600 Built-in Coffee Machine
Available in a stainless-steel or aluminium finish,the MieleCVA 2600 is a built-in coffee machine perfect for the modern home. With the Nespresso capsule system, coffee lovers can choose from 12 different blends simply by pressing a button. The cappuccinatore froths the milk to perfection while the automatic cleaning system makes maintenance a breeze.

Kleenmaid Built-in Espresso Machine
Coffee connoisseurs will love the opportunity for a freshly brewed coffee at home. The Italian-made Kleenmaid Build-in Espresso Machine is easily installed, requiring no plumbing, and the elegant combination of stainless steel and the cool blue display lighting brings a cosmopolitan flavour to any kitchen. The machine grinds fresh beans each time you make a coffee, maintaining the full flavour and texture of the coffee.

Breville 800 Class Espresso Machine
The 800ES Espresso Machine is an excellent example of design innovation and modern styling. With its heavy-duty die-cast stainless-steel housing, the 800ES is designed to be displayed. The 15-bar Italian-made pump delivers perfect espresso every time while the extra-tall cup height allows for mugs as well as cups.

Q&A with Paul Bassett, world-champion barista

What sparked your love of coffee?
It was definitely the romance of the Italian espresso bar and everything that encompasses the meaning of espresso as a lifestyle and beverage. I love the organic and cultural qualities of coffee and its volatile and ever-changing nature.

What types of special skills does it take to become a world-class barista?
You need an understanding of the quality chain in the coffee-making process — from the bean to the cup. It’s about controlling the environment to achieve the perfect end result.

What can Australians do to enjoy their coffee more?
They should understand that coffee is something that is organic and therefore has the potential to provide a variety of aromas and flavours, like a good wine. Coffee should be treated like fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s important to purchase quality fresh coffee and to store it correctly. This is the starting point for any great cup. For the best results, grind the coffee as you use it.

What should consumers look for in a coffee machine to ensure they get the best coffee possible?
As a barista, I find the process of making espresso very therapeutic, so I would opt for a manual-style machine, like the Sunbeam Café Aromatic. I enjoy having more control over the espresso-making process. However, if you are more interested in producing espresso at the touch of a button, with less variables to think about, an automated-style machine may be more for you.