Here’s a date for your diary: Sunday 13th September2009. Visit a Sustainable House in your neighbourhood and learn about the benefits of sustainable living.

Not all “sustainable” houses look different on the outside; it’s what’s inside that counts. Building a sustainable house can be an exciting and rewarding experience: I know, I’ve done it and would love to do it all again, especially more than 20 years after the first home I built on the outskirts of Byron Bay.

On Sunday 13th September, homes across the country will open their doors to allow interested parties inside where they can experience and learn about the benefits of building a sustainable house. Visitors can speak with and share the knowledge of homeowners, builders, building designers and architects and they can learn about the features and benefits of building a sustainable house.

Over the last eight years, the Sustainable House Day has shown people the benefits of energy efficiency in their homes. With more people realising they need to reduce their energy consumption, water and waste, events such as this provide invaluable information and inspiration.

Once you have experienced living in a home that is cool in summer and warm in winter without the need for mechanical air-conditioning or with little or no heating, you will appreciate the difference a correctly designed and oriented house can make.

The aim of Sustainable House Day is to educate, motivate and provide information so that people can start implementing some of the fundamentals immediately.

You can find an open house in your neighbourhood.

Sustainable House Day Management is in association with ANZSES (Australia and New Zealand Solar Energy Society)- www.anzses.org www.sustainablehouseday.com