The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Fight Night


On a slightly different schedule, The Block took an upbeat, comical and even friendly direction this week after a rather dramatic and vicious reveal last Sunday. With the room that could win them the series the line, a challenge that didn’t require building something and a fight night to keep them energized, this week has been a pretty non-reno focussed one for the contestants. You can’t blame them though; they need to stay sane somehow!

The challenge this week was a ripper and everyone was very excited about the fact that no building was required. Given a camera and a very talented graphic designer from Grafico, each couple went strolling the streets of Melbourne to turn a simple photograph into a stylish wallpaper design. Judged by Paul Hecker from design duo Hecker Guthrie, and David Hicks, internationally renowned interior designer, the contestants had some impressing to do.

Coming up with some great ideas and images, as the Grafico team began to transform the photos into symmetrical masterpieces, it looked like it was anyone’s game. I particularly liked the Moroccan feel of Chantelle and Steve’s wallpaper that was, to be honest, originally one of the worst photographs taken (a checked floor and patterned steel balustrade). But when it came to complementing their wallpaper designs with furniture and décor, the Super K’s shone once again (for the fifth time in a row!) and took home another $5000 cash, as well as having their Bluestone Branch wallpaper commercially printed by Grafico and sold on The Block Shop website – do check it out, its pretty exquisite! However, as the styled shot on the website shows, if you do use it in your home, keep the rest of the room very simple and neutral – let the wallpaper do the talking.

There are a lot of wallpaper companies out their today that will use your image or pattern to create a custom design. Check out Pickawall or The Wallpaper Company and tag us via Facebook and/or Twitter as we would love to see your styling skills and handy work!

However, until room reveal, adios fellow Blockheads!