The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Room Reveal – Kitchen Week


Told time and time again, all Blockaholics would know, kitchen week is not only the most stressful but it is the icing on the cake when it comes to auction day. A common saying on The Block is, ‘if you have a winning kitchen, you will win (or have the best chance of winning) the competition’.

So it wasn’t a surprise to see all the couples second-guessing themselves, from styling to the colour of the ceiling, the pressure was on – in particular, for the twins. Not only after last weeks upset did Alisa and Lysandra have something to prove but on last season, the girls created a beautiful, winning kitchen with the help of Freedom Kitchens. Now paired with The Good Guys, Alisa and Lysandra were prepared to pull out all the stops, starting with a complete re-shuffle of the floor plan. Instead of the traditional U-shaped kitchens that the fans created in their apartments, the twins took their deign into the middle of their downstairs living space and produced a galley-style kitchen, fit for a hatted chef.

“The girls are back,” said Shaynna. “Everything is everywhere it should be.”

“Wow … there’s an incredible sense of space in here … and the void introduces light and also a sense of freedom,” said Darren.

Winning by only a point ahead of Kyal and Kara, Alisa summed up the twins emotions by saying,“I feel relieved and sick … I’m still feeling sick!”

My original pick to win kitchen reveal tonight however, was Brad and Dale’s futuristic, contemporary design. Completely perplexed initially by the judges’ comments, I slightly began to understand where they were coming … only slightly.

All the judges agreed that the Megan Weston monster artwork was “epic”, however Neale said, “There is something wrong with the feel of this kitchen … I feel like we are back in the 70’s”. Shaynna adding, “It just contrasts too dramatically with the buildings exterior”.

Never failing to surprise, I wonder if the judges know how much power they actually have over the end results of The Block – room win = $10,000 cash. Money = resources. Resources = limitless opportunities, to inevitably win again.

So what do you think of the kitchens revealed tonight and the judges comments from tonight? Feel free to share your opinion with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Look forward to hearing from you fellow Blockheads.

p.s Be sure to check out a Q&A with Alisa and Lysandra on our Facebook tomorrow!