Organised by Pittwater climate action group our local event took place on Mona Vale beach. This was part of two other events on the northern beaches of Sydney. The other two events organised by Manly Warringah Climate Action Group took place on The Steyne and Dee Why beaches. While across the world there were another 4000 events taking place, all in a protest to bring atmospheric carbon dioxide levels back to below 350 parts per million; currently 387ppm and rising.

350 Day Mona Vale Beach

There were climate action events from the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to the summit of Mount Everest. At each event – at rallies and parties and deep-sea dives – people have taken thousands of photos that somehow depict the number 350. The crew at 350.org have taken these thousands of photos, projecting them onto the giant screens in New York’s Times Square, and delivering them directly to hundreds of world leaders and politicians in the coming weeks.

350 Day – Dee Why Beach

New Zealand – Parliament 350 has been getting some serious air time with New Zealand politicians in the last few days. On Tuesday, more than 20 Members of Parliament from the National, Green and Labour parties joined about 40 school students in reading out a statement declaring that they will work together on climate change now and for our children’s children.

350 Day – North Steyne Beach

To see more 350 events around the world visit www.350.org and www.aboutpeople.com.au