5 trendy bathroom taps

5 trendy bathroom taps


Make a statement in the bathroom with an eye-catching tapware – check out our picks of the latest trendy bathroom taps.


1. The elegant and compact Flower Basin tap from Hego Water Design demonstrates that innovative design can be small in scale. hegowaterdesign.it

TIP: Get the most out of your trendy bathroom tap and ensure it is the focus of your bathroom by opting for a simple basin.


2. Basin mixers have become varied in size and profile. This version from Batlo combines simple shapes with elegant lines. pacojaanson.com.au


3. The Gitano basin mixer is a great option for those with smaller basins that still wish to have an eye-catching bathroom faucet. hegowaterdesign.it

TIP: An interesting tap is a great way to add a designer element to a smaller bathroom space, especially when traditional statement pieces, such as a freestanding bath or basin, are too large to fit.


4. Those with the future in mind will love this innovative tap, winner of Reece’s Student Bathroom Innovation Award for 2012. The Koeda intuitive mixer tap, designed by University of New South Wales student ShanShan Wang, incorporates simplicity with innovative use of technology. The Koeda utilises LED lights and a modified progressive cartridge to indicate to users the temperature of the water through a coloured lighting display. From cold blue to warm orange and finally a searing red, users are afforded the luxury of knowing their water temperature just by watching the colour change. bathroominnovation.com.au


5. The flow of water from Bonomi’s Virgo challenges convention and tradition. It combines simple form with an evocative water flow to make a beautiful feature of your bathroom mixer tap. idrosanitariabonomi.com

By Nathan Johnson
From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 5