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Decina leads the way in quality, innovation and design with its range of freestanding baths. The company is proud to showcase its gorgeous new freestanding bath range, which was launched in spring 2017.

Freestanding baths have grown in popularity due to their easy installation. They are not attached to a wall and do not need a hob or frame to be installed, allowing for versatility when it comes to placement. When installed, they have space around them and are perfect for larger bathrooms, but can also be used in smaller bathrooms placed closer to a wall. Decina offers back-to-wall freestanding baths with an exclusive tile bead design so they can be built into a tiled wall, perfect for bathrooms with limited space but with the appearance and advantages of a freestanding bath.

Created from two pieces of thick premium sanitary-grade acrylic sheets, Decina baths boast meticulous manufacturing techniques and the latest technologies to create a seamless appearance in all baths, which have the added benefit of a 10-year warranty. Freestanding baths provide a focal point in the bathroom, offering a luxurious, sophisticated and elegant aesthetic and creating an ambience similar to that of a luxurious retreat. Decina offers freestanding baths in a range of sizes, ensuring there is a style and size to suit every bathroom.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Issue 24 Volume 4

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