Home Sweet Home: Limited Edition Prints


Feels Like Home is a series of limited-edition prints, borne out of a creative collaboration of like minds, that pays tribute to iconic Australian places we know and love.

Left Bank Art Group has been cultivating and curating artistic talent, fine-art printing and framing on the Gold Coast for three decades. It recently rebranded and as part of the transformation has delivered an exciting new project. It’s spearheaded by Toby Simm, managing director and son of founders Bob and Sandy Simm, in collaboration with lifestyle presenter Carlene Duffy and artist Dylan Cooper.

With any successful artistic business endeavour, at its core is the right mix of minds, the right blend of talent, and the right platform in which to deliver a product. This trio of creatives has produced a collection that will evoke special memories of places visited, holidays shared, and landscapes that are undeniably Australian.

After collaborating with Carlene on a previous project, Toby was captivated by her refreshing design aesthetic. Carlene joined forces with Dylan, who is a prominent Left Bank artist, to create the series of artworks about what Australians call “home”. Carlene, a former The Block contestant, has also carved out a career in her successful interior design studio Cedar and Suede.

When choosing art, Carlene says she is guided by her intuition. “My personal approach to art selection has always been disarmingly simple — I love it, I want it, can I afford it? This flippant yet pragmatic style has resulted in an eclectic curation of pieces that connect me to a time and place that’s always happy in heart,” she says.

The collective works capture the quintessential essence of Australian life, snapshots of a way of living that pays homage to all that is uniquely Australian. The nostalgic locations with a contemporary edge soundly resonate with modern homeowners.

There are Gold Coast backdrops of Burleigh and Kirra, plus New Farm in Brisbane; Millers Point, Tamarama and Orange in New South Wales; and Yarra Park, Daylesford and Lorne
in Victoria. The works are vivid with bold textures, some have muted palettes and all have wide appeal.

Dylan worked closely with Carlene on place selection, sketches and colour studies. For Dylan, the idea behind the works was twofold. “It was super important to both of us that our locale-based prints not only resonated with people who have an affinity to the area, but also with those simply looking for a patriotic pop of colour in their home,” he explains.

Toby says as the project rolled out, it soon became evident that they shared a common passion for art and grassroots artist development. “It was this synchronicity that ignited the idea of Carlene becoming an official Left Bank Art Group Brand Ambassador as the company rapidly grows and expands its art services nationally,” he says.

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