The Spa Retreat at Home


After two years of living in the COVID pandemic age, the trend toward designing a bathroom as a wellness sanctuary has emerged.

Architects and interior designers are creating spaces that encapsulate all the luxury of a spa-like retreat.  A place where people can relax and unwind within the cocoon of their own home, not needing to venture beyond. What goes into creating such a bathroom, whether it be a luxury ensuite or a larger central bathroom within your home?  Let’s break down the key factors and how you can have your own bathroom wellness sanctuary.


As a space to focus on well-being, minimalism is important.  A place to store toiletries and plush towels is essential.  Vanities with deep drawers and mirrors that double as shaving cabinets allow you to keep products close at hand, but out of your line of vision and clutter-free.  This adds to the sense of calm, essential to creating your zen retreat.

Bathroom tapware, shower and accessories from the Phoenix Teel Collectio
Teel basin Mixer, Shower/Wall Mixers and Wall Basin/Bath Mixer Set in Matte Black.
NX Orli Shower Arm & Rose and Hand Shower in Matte Black

A natural palette

There has been a resurgence in the use of marble and natural stone for floors, wall tiles and vanity bench tops.  These materials work beautifully to create a high-end atmosphere in your bathroom.

As a cost-effective alternative to stone, consider the use of tiles in neutral tones such as whites to soft greys or creams to beiges.  Look for texture and colour variation when making your selection.  A tile that gives a Zellige, hand crafted look will take your bathroom to that next level.

bathroom wellness sanctuary
Vivid Slimline Wall Outlet 230mm Curved and Vivid Slimline Shower / Wall Mixer in Matte Black
Kingswood Project by Taylored Construction

Bathroom tapware

Not only should your bathroom tapware look amazing, it should add to the sense of calm that you are aiming to achieve.

For a minimal yet organic choice in bathroom tapware, the Phoenix Nara collection is ideal.  Featuring a unique, open spout and a flush mixer handle, Nara’s natural, Zen-like aesthetic would not feel out of place in a relaxing Japanese bath house.

bathroom wellness sanctuary
Phoenix Nara Basin Mixer in Chrome

The Power of the Shower

While aesthetics are important in creating a wellness sanctuary, function comes to the fore in shower choice.  The shower is the most important part of this bathroom.  This is the place where you truly relax and how your shower works will be the difference between an ordinary bathroom versus a day spa at home.

Within the NX by Phoenix shower collection, the Iko and Orli showers feature HydroSense® – a revolutionary water spray technology from Phoenix’s in-house research and development team.  Inspired by nature, the patented HydroSense® technology delivers curved sheets that multiply into dense, cascading droplets.  The internal engineering of HydroSense® ensures a fully immersive shower experience and the sense of total escape.

Phoenix NX Orli Twin Shower in Matte Black

The finishing touches

Never forget bathroom fittings such as towel rails and towel ladders to complete your retreat.   Where space permits, towel ladders give extra space for plush towels.  To truly complement your beautiful bathroom, install a heated towel rail.  Stepping out of the shower to a lovely warm towel is a small luxury that will definitely make you smile.

Your bathroom accessories contribute to both the functionality and seamless flow of your bathroom.  Remember your toilet roll holder, hand towel holder, shower shelf and robe hooks.  The little things that take your bathroom to luxury day spa retreat.

bathroom wellness sanctuary
Phoenix Radii Metal Shelf with Round Plate


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