Concrete Features to Elevate any Entertainment Space


Whether you’re planning a ‘home improvement’ project or a new build, here are a few ways you could incorporate concrete features in your entertainment spaces.

For many, home isn’t just a place to ‘get away from it all’, it’s also a place to host and entertain friends and family.

From movie nights, birthday parties and dinner with loved ones, home entertainment is a priority for many. Finding décor is a critical step in creating entertainment spaces that are perfect for you. Concrete is a fantastic material to consider using in your entertainment spaces. Its versatility allows you choose whether you use it as a feature or to complement other materials, colours and textures.


Why concrete?

There are many benefits of using concrete features in entertainment spaces.

  1. It’s great for interior or exterior use, making it a great addition to an inside dining room space or an outside BBQ area.
  2. It’s capable of complex forms and multi-axis curves, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities
  3. Pieces can be created in a wide broad spectrum of colours to fit the colour scheme of your space
  4. It has a unique texture and aesthetic
  5. Whilst it can easily be used as a feature in a space, it can also be used to complement other materials such as timber, brick or glass.
  6. Over the years concrete will patina and unique characteristics will develop.

If cared for, concrete pieces withstand the test of time. Concrete is a porous material, however high-quality sealants are used to create a layer which protects the concrete from being scratched or strained.

Concrete pieces are easy to care for and maintain. Blend’s Care and Maintenance guide provides easy steps and recommendations, such as:

  • using heat-resistant mats on countertops
  • cleaning spills
  • using cutting boards as an alternative to cutting directly on the surface
  • avoiding acid-based cleaners and using gentle ones instead
  • using soft cloths or fabrics when cleaning surfaces; and


Concrete in my entertainment space

Concrete features can be used numerous ways within a space. Here are some ideas.

  • BBQ benchtops and seating
  • Fireplace plinths
  • Bars
  • Tables (indoor and outdoor)
  • Seating
  • Coffee Tables
  • Wall panes (internal and external); and
  • Stairs

Concrete BBQ benchtops

A great BBQ with family and friends requires a great setup. Blend Concrete Design can help you a create BBQ benchtop fit for a perfect night of entertainment.

Sinks, bar fridges and meat smokers can all be incorporated into the design of your benchtop. Choose a concrete colour that will complement the cabinetry your benchtop will sit on and the other colours and materials you’ve chosen for your space. You might like to consider making your concrete benchtop a feature with concrete waterfall ends.

Concrete wall panels

Wall panels are a beautiful addition to entertainment spaces. They can be secured to most surfaces and they can be made to custom sizes to ensure they look stunning on walls of any size.

Wall panels can be used to draw attention to and feature decor in a living room or dining room. They can also be used as somewhat of a ‘canvas’ for self-expression and artwork in spaces.


Alternatively, wall panels can also be used as more of a feature in a space and to make a design statement.


Concrete Coffee Tables

A concrete coffee table is perfect for interior and exterior living spaces. Consider what size might be the right scale and proportion for the room and the height that is practical for your choice of seating.


Consider creating your coffee tabletop in terrazzo. Create your custom terrazzo piece by choosing your base colour and the aggregate mix you’d like. Blend Concrete Design can share some photos of possible mixes if you need some inspiration or a place to start!


Concrete Seating

Concrete seating has many design possibilities depending on the purpose of the seating. Designs range from concrete bench seats, stools, modular seating and seating integrated with another concrete piece.


The colour options available allow seating to be matched to other furniture and materials in the space. Concrete stools, for example, can be matched to complement the colour and material of the table top, table legs and other materials in the space such as timber or concrete flooring.

Seating can be integrated into other concrete features, such as BBQ benchtops, to create a functional and aesthetic feature.

Concrete Dining Tables

A concrete dining table is a perfect addition to interior and exterior spaces. Pair your table with a broad range of chair designs by choosing a colour that best suits your space. Colour samples can be purchased on Blend’s website to allow you to consider a few different colour possibilities.

Browse Blend Concrete Design’s table designs online here.

Open your mind to the possibility of using concrete in your entertainment spaces. Please contact the Blend Concrete Design team if you have any questions about concrete and how it might be used in your home.

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