An elegant and environmentally-friendly pool cover


This eco-friendly pool cover will save you time and money

Designed for homeowners who seek function and sophistication, Remco’s Coverstar is a durable, multifunctional pool cover that stylishly blends with your poolscape.

Aside from providing outstanding safety, insulation and convenience, the Coverstar helps with heat retention and water and chemical balance. An easy turn of a key or flick of a switch rolls the cover over the pool, keeping out dirt, debris and leaves and rapidly reducing cleaning responsibilities.

A significant amount of time is saved on pool maintenance because pH levels, alkalinity, hardness and chlorination are better preserved. Filtering cycle times are dramatically improved by approximately 50 per cent if the Coverstar is used frequently, as less filtration is required for a cleaner, covered pool. The Coverstar is environmentally friendly too as it eliminates 90 per cent of evaporation, saving pool owners on energy, heat, water and chemicals. This gives pool owners the luxury of being able to jump straight in for their next swim without worrying about the condition of their pool.

Safety is also an outstanding feature of the Coverstar as it is strong enough to support the weight of an adult. Clients with children or pets can add a vital layer of protection to their backyard and reduce the stress associated with pool safety concerns.

A sleek and seamless installation is achieved through a subtle range of colour choices and discreet cover storage options that are dynamic enough to suit infinity pools. With the uncomplicated operating system of the Coverstar, stunning designs and functional convenience are no longer mutually exclusive.

Remco Australia is an award-winning industry leader in aesthetically pleasing pool cover products. Operating for almost 30 years, the company has kept its commitment to Australian-designed products throughout the decades. Its philosophy is to encourage a long-term, trusting relationship with clients through the consistent provision of quality products and services.

Originally in Poolside, Volume 46

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