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Your own wellness sanctuary at home with steam showers


A ground-breaking way to add quality to your life and get you rushing home after work is to create a home oasis. Nurturing our mental health has become more important than ever, so creating a wellness sanctuary by having steam showers at home will not only benefit your mind, but will also increase the value of your home.

For many homeowners, steam showers have become a favourite way to spa thanks to their ample benefits, which include improved sleep, skin and cardiovascular health, as well as relief from stress and muscle and joint pain. A steam shower will also set your home apart in a crowded real estate market, making it both an investment in yourself and in your property. Steam showers are affordable to run and rely on low water usage, meaning you won’t be caught off-guard with an unexpected bill shock.

Geyser’s range of steam products will turn your bathroom into a tranquil haven you’ll never want to leave! Here are some of our favourites.

Steam showers

Mr.Steam — iSteamX

This newly launched product enables users to take technology straight into the bathroom with app connectivity including Spotify and Netflix. That’s right, you can enjoy the sound of music or be entertained by a movie while in the steam shower! It features a user-friendly interface, customisable settings, compatibility with smart home technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also offers chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy to enhance the steam shower experience. Its sleek design allows you to pick from a range of multiple trim colours to suit your individual taste and home interior.

Linear steam head

Featuring a sleek design, customisable colour and seamless in-wall integration, the Linear steam head is perfect for premium homes and is an interior designer’s dream. It also provides efficient steam distribution and an optional aromatherapy tray.

Steamlinx app

Controlling your steam shower from your phone has never been easier! The Steamlinx app is compatible with any Mr.Steam system, allowing you to access personalised preferences for multiple users and the option to receive maintenance notifications and product updates. Temperature, timing, audio and chromatherapy can all easily be controlled at the press of a button.

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