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Unique and personal | We talk to Charlie Abdul Ahad, founder of Oscar George Projects, a leading builder of custom homes and high-end duplexes

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Q. What drew you to the building industry?

A. I was attracted to building when I was a teenager and studied carpentry straight out of high school. I love being in a job where I can be hands on and am able to create something from the ground up. I like building strong relationships with my clients and the gratification of seeing out a job from start to finish.


Q. How would you describe your business?

A. We are new home builders, specialising in architecturally designed, custom-built homes and luxury duplexes across Western Sydney and the Hills District. Our mission is ‘quality, on time’, which means we are committed to building high-quality properties in a timely manner. We are only as good as our last build, so we continually push ourselves to improve our practices and deliver the very best to our clients who are at the forefront of everything we do.


Q. What inspires your particular style?

A. I take inspiration from our clients. Who they are, their tastes and how they envision their home or investment property. People are very passionate about what they want. Being able to understand their particular vision gives us inspiration and drives us to deliver our mission. This is why each build is unique and personal.


Q. what’s the best  advice you can give?

A. Don’t take shortcuts. Do your homework, research your local council regulations and work with a builder that understands your vision. Careful planning in the early stages — whether it be related to design, cost or construction choices — ensures an efficient build with minimal headaches down the track.


Q. Are there any trends that excite you?

A. A major trend we are seeing across all of our projects is a greater emphasis on energy efficiency. Whether that is using responsibly sourced materials, raw materials such as exposed brick or installing rainwater tanks or solar power — more clients are thinking about the environment, as well as the long-term savings associated with living in an energy-efficient home.


Q. What’s next for Oscar George Projects?

A. We are branching out into the commercial market — child care centres in particular. We will be offering our clients design-and-build packages for new homes and investment properties, and we will also be offering a social media and marketing planning service to our developers who are looking to market their projects before and during construction.

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