Ten artworks sure to enhance any living space

Wall art is an invaluable design element that can greatly improve the look and feel of any living space. We present to you our favourite pieces from United Artworks

Artworks offer a unique advantage compared to other indoor decorations in that they can reflect a home owner’s personality and personal taste while enhancing the design of any living space.

United Artworks specialises in 100% genuine hand painted artworks using artist quality oils and acrylics onto cotton blend canvasses that are fully stretched, wired and ready to hang. The best part is, their products are fully customisable. This allows you to truly make a unique piece of artwork to call your own, giving you the widest possible selections and ability to create the perfect artwork to suit your home.

We’ve had a browse of what they have to offer and present to you our favourite designs that will work well with any living space, be it the bedroom, lounge room or anywhere else in the home.




witchcraft2 Witchcraft1



 thorn2 thorn1



convivial1 convivial2


campana1 campana2

Pastel Gris

pastelgris1 pastelgris2


enshrine2 enshrine1


sasso2 sasso1

Blue Frost

bluefrost2 bluefrost1

Dusky Fields

 150216-103727-gqTKtH Duskyfields


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