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WingLine L is is the first folding door system on the market that also provides the capability of creating on trend, handleless furniture design for every type of furniture.

Whether in the wardrobe, alcove or kitchen: WingLine L from Hettich is the folding door system that never fails to impress in all sorts of different applications. The folding sliding door system makes a practical problem solver wherever space is confined and open hinged doors would stand out too far. The user friendly folding door fitting brings added functionality to corner units, base units or sideboards. Under stairs and sloping ceilings too, WingLine L provides the answer to utilising previously wasted storage space while also giving it visual appeal.

Under Stairs Storage Solutions

WingLine L demonstrates all of its benefits in top mounted units and wall cabinets as an ergonomic alternative to the flap door. And last but not least, the system comes with an element of surprise in large sized wardrobes with its fascinating panorama opening effect.

WingLine L’s innovative “Push / Pull to move” opening mechanism reliably ensures ease of use: with a mere movement of the hand, WingLine L opens a complete door set almost by itself. On door wings up to 2400 mm high and 600 mm wide, the fitting makes everything inside very easy to see and reach. With minimal door protrusion, WingLine L also permits the combination of drawers and pull-outs behind the folding sliding door.

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

As the innovative folding door system can also be used to create handleless fronts, it caters to the very latest expectations on design. WingLine L is suitable for all commonly used door wing formats and is easy to install.

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