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Natural Wonder is about sustainable building designs that continue to be increasingly popular and 2022 is guaranteed to be no exception.

With society being so well educated when it comes to the damage our lifestyles have had on the planet, an ever-increasing number of people are making more eco-conscious decisions. When building or renovating, one of the most effective ways to make your home more sustainable is by using natural & renewable building materials such as timber cladding.

All Weathertex products are 97% hardwood (3% wax) and offers designers, builders and homeowners a huge range of aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and practical products with many benefits but the ultimate sustainable range within the wide range of Weathertex products is the Natural Range.

The Weathertex Natural range provides the look of raw undressed timber, showing all the knots, cracks and grooves. The Natural range has a variety of uses and applications and is available in both architectural panels and weatherboards. Create Natural Wonders by selecting Weathertex Natural Range, the first manufactured product in the world to receive Platinum certification by Global GreenTag.

Like all Weathertex products, the Natural Range has no silica or formaldehyde and is the only timber product in the market to offer a 10-year warranty not to rot, crack or split.

The Natural Range is the ideal cladding to use on its own and when wanting your design to blend in with natural surroundings. However, extremely complimentary with other Weathertex primed profiles or other building materials such as brick, steel and natural stone.

“We love the Weathergroove Woodsman texture. It’s a genuine lightweight product, easy to cut, quick to install and looks awesome in Natural or painted. It’s Wave Developments go-to product for a timber look finish.” Adam Mullins, Director – Wave Developments.

Back to Nature

Adapting your home to be more sustainable is important for preserving our planet. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for product transparency and third party sustainability credentials. By making a sustainable choice, you are part of creating a renewable future.

Endless Treatments…

Weathertex Natural range of products can be stained like all other hardwood timbers, to achieve your desired colour or can be left to silver off, the choice is yours. Left uncoated to weather naturally by the sun, the Natural range will lighten and silver off after a period of time to produce some amazing results that becomes a unique design feature on its own.

“Padarc chose to specify Weathertex for its sustainable credentials as well as for its quicker install times. The Weathergroove profile, with a natural woodgrain texture left to silver off, is well suited to a traditional weatherboard home extension. Australian architecture aesthetic together with timber brings out a more contemporary feel to this project.” Marnie Atcliffe, Architect – Padarc

Do wonders for your project by selecting Weathertex Natural Range.  Weathertex – a better choice, naturally.

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