Bright lighting ideas


Decorative illumination has the power to transform any residential or commercial building

With LOOX — the innovative plug-and-play LED furniture light system from Häfele — you can. LOOX is being used by furniture manufacturers around the globe to set their designs apart.

LOOX has a driver with an integrated switching function that makes a direct connection to your most frequently used switches such as push switches, sensor switches, dimmer switches and motion detectors.

It couldn’t be easier. Häfele has a wide range of LED lights available that can be combined in many different ways to complement the LOOX system. The standard plug-in connection makes it child’s play to install the lights into furniture, which means they can be retrofitted by the installer or furniture buyer.

LOOX gives you a beautiful lighting solution that’s future-proof and guaranteed to the highest safety standards.

Visit a Häfele showroom in your state or download the latest LOOX catalogue from the website.


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Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, Volume 21.2

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