Lift and turn: choosing the right overhead fitting


Häfele Australia’s new 2014 Lift + Turn catalogue represents the first time in four years that the complete range of Häfele’s own flap-door fittings are available in a concise reference source

Overhead fittings have become a major design feature for most modern kitchens in recent years and, with the release of this new catalogue, Häfele brings together all of its latest product developments over the past four years into a single comprehensive and easy-to-navigate handbook.

All Lift + Turn fittings are engineered by Häfele to be easy to open, silent and smooth to operate, offer sophisticated design and allow the kitchen user to fully utilise their high wall storage space. Found among the 36 pages of the new catalogue are such diverse products as:

* Electrically operated lift fittings for bifold door applications (E-Senso), parallel lifting door applications (E-Strato) and swing/“up and over” door applications (E-Verso).

* The next generation of manually operated lift fittings for bifold door applications (Senso), parallel lift applications (Strato) and swing/“up and over” door applications (Verso).

* The brand new Free Flap fitting, which sets the standard for mid-sized hinge-free flap doors, ranging in height from 200mm up to 650mm and suitable for door weights from 1.7-27.3kg.

* Smaller flap doors are not forgotten with products such as Maxi, Duo Forte and Duo catering for installations that do not require a full-sized door. Also available for the first time is push-to-open functionality across the full spectrum of small flap doors, thanks to the Maxi Touch and Duo/Duo Forte Touch.

Contact your local Häfele sales office to obtain additional copies of the new Lift + Turn catalogue, or for technical information relating to the products.

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Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, Volume 21 Issue 2

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