Combine the beauty of timber with the durability of aluminium

An industry leader in high-performance glazing, Miglas first designed its innovative composite timber and aluminium window system AliClad in 1994.

At the time it was the first purpose-designed, all-Australian, residential glazing solution to offer homeowners maximum benefits in double glazing and energy efficiency. Now a product of choice for people who care about design, aesthetics and sustainability, it’s a stunning solution that doesn’t compromise efficiency for looks.

Miglas AliClad windows and doors are genuine timber frames with durable aluminium exterior cladding — meaning you get a beautiful solid hardwood frame to add warmth to your interiors, combined with robust aluminium cladding to achieve a durable exterior. Going beyond just double glazing, AliClad adds another layer of energy efficiency, because where one material is weak, the other is strong. When combined, they provide the perfect glazing solution for Australia’s harsh environment. The result is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient and thermally stable glazing system.

An investment in thermal efficiency pays off, reducing carbon emissions from heating and cooling, and increasing your savings. The aluminium exterior will never need sanding, staining or painting, meaning you’ll use fewer potential toxins and spend less time on maintenance. You can rest easy knowing the Victorian ash used by Miglas is harvested from sustainably managed resources that are AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) certified, which is recognised by the European forestry standard PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Committed to reducing its own environmental footprint, Miglas follows sustainable manufacturing practices including the use of solar power, which offsets 16.5 tonnes of carbon per month, and timber recycling, which optimises the re-use of timber offcuts.

With outstanding performance, AliClad glazing has a U-Value as low as 1.7, with N6 performance (AS2047) and low air filtration (0.07) due to tight seals, creating a healthier home with fewer pollutants and allergens, and less noise. Custom made for your project, the flexible modular design means you can fit the glazing to your requirements, no matter the configuration, giving you complete architectural freedom. Plus, you can choose from more than 200 colour options to complement your exterior, while the interior can be stained or painted according to your preferences.

Made locally in Melbourne by a family-owned business, Miglas AliClad is purpose-designed for Australian conditions. The manufacturing process uses Ultra Precision CNC machinery for quick and accurate production, while all major components including the timber, aluminium and glass are sourced from Australian manufacturers. Popular among architects and builders, AliClad windows and doors aren’t just a sensible choice, they’re also an aesthetically stunning, high-quality product that will stand the test of time.

Reach out to the experts at Miglas to discuss your next project. The team offers a full design service and deliver nationally.

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