Discover the Beauty of EVOSTONE: 100% Silica-Free Solid Surfaces


EVOstone Solid Surface from Nover is 100% silica free, making it the safe option for Australian joiners and cabinetmakers.

Evostone slabs come pre-finished & install ready in sizes designed for optimal usage and can easily be cut or trimmed with no expensive machinery.

Nover has introduced 4 new colours to the Classic and Elements range.


Aggregate Grey fuses elegance and functionality, complementing the Evostone Classic Range. A variety of textures merge together harmoniously to form Aggregate Grey. The surface boasts a sophisticated palette of serene greys, embedded with chips of white, grey and black. Its composition mimics an aggregate form in appearance. but the surface is smooth and refined.

Nover Evostone

Gypsum Snow, a textured surface from our Classic Range. Like a frozen winter landscape. the surface appears as if coated in a blanket of white snow. Mineral like gypsum chips are set within the cool white base. giving the surface an eye catching shimmer reminiscent of untouched snowflakes. Gypsum Snow. an enduring and understated solid surface, frozen in time.

Cobble Grey, a timelessly elegant surface from our Classic Range. Its colour palette is built upon a grey base with a range of dark grey specks throughout the surface. Cobble Grey builds on simple functionality, serving as a testament to the beauty of simplicity and understated luxury. Its neutral tones effortlessly blend with a diverse range of interiors, no matter the style.

Evostone Nover

Typhoon, a powerful surface from the Elements Range. The surface, a swirling and dramatic colour palette that mirrors the turbulent skies during a storm, with shades of charcoal, silver and white. Typhoon embodies the perfect combination of strength and elegance within a solid surface. Embrace the storm within, Typhoon

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