Elevate Your Living Space with Amatozzi’s Clio Living Range: A Symphony of Customization and Luxury


In the realm of contemporary furniture, Amatozzi’s Clio Living Range stands out as an epitome of personalised luxury.

With a commitment to providing a unique and tailored experience for every customer, Amatozzi seamlessly blends craftsmanship, customizability, and opulence in their living range. Let’s delve into the exceptional features and philosophy behind the Clio Living Range, a testament to Amatozzi’s dedication to creating furniture that reflects your individual style.

Customisation at its Pinnacle:

At the heart of the Clio Living Range is the unparalleled customisation it offers. Comprising an entertainment lounge and living lounge, this range provides a canvas for personal expression. Amatozzi understands that every home is unique, and thus, they empower customers to tailor their furniture to match their distinct preferences.

At the heart of the Clio Living Range is the unparalleled customisation it offers

From cushions to designs, fabric choices to stitching details, the possibilities are vast. The ability to curate your living experience down to the smallest detail ensures that each piece from the Clio Living Range is a one-of-a-kind creation, reflecting the individuality of its owner.

Personalised Branding:

Amatozzi takes customisation to the next level by allowing customers to add their name, model number, edition, year, and range to their custom furniture. This not only enhances the exclusivity of each piece but also establishes a personal connection between the owner and their bespoke creation. It transforms furniture into a statement, an embodiment of the owner’s taste and style.

Philosophy of Personalisation:

Philosophy of Personalisation:

The philosophy of the Clio Living Range is rooted in the belief that furniture should adapt to your lifestyle and living space, not the other way around. Amatozzi offers more value-added options and dimensions, ensuring that your lounge seamlessly integrates into your home. This commitment to adaptability makes the Clio range a versatile choice for diverse living spaces.

Luxury in Every Detail:

The Clio Living Range doesn’t just prioritise customisation; it also exudes luxury in its finer details. The underframe with leather, showcased in a rich tan hue, coupled with stainless steel legs, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. These premium materials not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to the durability and longevity of each piece.

Embark on a Design Journey:

Amatozzi invites customers to embark on a design journey with their expert team

Amatozzi invites customers to embark on a design journey with their expert team. From selecting fabrics and leathers to exploring the possibilities in their fabric studio (available on appointment only), customers are guided through every step of the customisation process. This hands-on approach ensures that the end result is not just a piece of furniture but a masterpiece that aligns with the customer’s vision.

In the world of furniture design, Amatozzi’s Clio Living Range stands tall as a beacon of customisation and luxury. By combining unique designs, personalised branding, and a commitment to adapting to individual needs, Amatozzi has created more than just furniture; they’ve crafted a living experience. Elevate your living space with the Clio Living Range and make a statement that is uniquely yours.

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