Stylish and shiny: tap range


We check out a range of taps that will not only enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom but save you water and money

Considering buying a tap but not sure which range will ensure quality (and a  stylish aesthetic)? Look no further than ACL Company’s Ikon brand.

As well as looking great with almost any design, there are a number of reasons you’ll want to invest in this brand:

Stunningly smooth

Top quality and hard ceramic cartridge, which is made out of the advanced ceramic alloy in an enclosed environment with special lubricating coating protection, will bring a perfect controlling experience. Its hardness and smoothness will remain after 500,000 uses.

Stylish and shining

Thick and uniform plating produces a superior smooth mirror effect and lasting shining finish. It also provides effective resistance against erosion caused by dirt, acid and alkali usages.

Water saving

The latest water saving technology is utilised to is guarantee minimum water usage without compromising the performance.

Ensures quiet

At the foreforent of this tap range’s design is its commitment to reducing the noise of water flow to ensure a quiet space. The latest innovation of tap mute technology is used to effectively slow down the flow when the tap is turned on, letting every turning-on a pleasant (and peaceful!) experience.

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